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48 Hours City Tours in India

Welcoming tourist in India

A ‘48-hour tour in India’, although a whirlwind, is a terrific way to explore the country’s distinct culture and history. India is a big and diverse country that provides travellers from all over the world with a one-of-a-kind travel experience. India has something for everyone, with its rich cultural heritage, historical history, and different landscapes. A 48-hour tour of Indian cities can offer you a taste of this magnificent country and its culture. This blog will go through what a 48-hour trip in India may look like, why it’s worthwhile to do, and how to make the most of your time.

A 48-hour city trip is a brief and rigorous tour designed for visitors with limited time to discover a city. It gives visitors an overview of the city’s culture, traditions, and way of life in a short amount of time. Numerous cities in India are rich in history, tradition, and spirituality, and visiting them can be a rewarding experience. Yet, with limited time, deciding where to go and what to see might be overwhelming. This is where the 48-hour city tour comes into play.

Why opt for a 48-hour city tour in India?

To begin, a 48-hour trip offers an insight into the city’s legacy and history. Each city in India has its narrative to tell, from the beautiful forts of Jaipur to the ancient temples of Varanasi. Travellers can learn about the city’s history and see the architectural treasures of India’s past with the help of a professional guide. 

One of the most significant benefits of a 48-hour city tour is that it helps you to maximise your limited time in a city. You won’t waste time getting lost or figuring out where to go if you have a guide to lead the way. You’ll be able to see the city’s most prominent attractions and landmarks, as well as acquire a sense of its distinct culture and past. 

The second advantage of a 48-hour city trip is that it allows you to try the local cuisine. Indian food is quite diverse, with each city having its distinct dishes and spices. Furthermore, Indian cuisine is well-known throughout the world for its unique flavours and spices. Each city has its distinct cuisine, and a 48-hour tour allows you to sample the city’s specialities. A city tour will take you to the top restaurants and street food vendors, allowing you to sample the local fare. From Mumbai’s street cuisine to Chennai’s thali, the gastronomic experience in India is a must-try for any foodie. 

Also, spirituality is an important aspect of Indian culture, and many Indian cities are well-known for their spiritual significance. A 48-hour journey can provide insight into the city’s spiritual side, with excursions to old temples, ashrams, and holy sites. A 48-hour city tour can also provide insight into the city’s religious traditions and customs for people interested in spirituality and religion. Many Indian cities are well-known for their temples, shrines, and other religious monuments, and a trip will take you to some of the most important and interesting. 

And finally, India’s nightlife is alive and fascinating, and a 48-hour tour can provide travellers with the opportunity to enjoy it. India has a bustling nightlife culture and will take you to some of the greatest venues to see the city after dark, allowing you to let loose and enjoy yourself. From fashionable bars in Bangalore to beach parties in Goa, India’s nightlife scene is unforgettable. Finally, a 48-hour city trip can provide an introduction to the city’s nightlife. 

How does it work?

In India, a typical 48-hour city tour includes sightseeing, cultural activities, and local experiences. The tour begins with a pickup from the airport or hotel, and the itinerary is pre-planned and personalised to meet the needs of the guest. The tour often includes a local guide, transportation, meals and refreshments, but does not include hotel accommodations or entry costs. 

Elephants in Rajasthan

Benefits of a 48-hour city tour in India

  • Short and Intense tour: The tour is designed for travellers with limited time who wish to see the highlights of the city in a short amount of time.
  • Pre-planned Itinerary: The itinerary is pre-planned and customized to the traveller’s tastes, making exploration of the city more convenient.
  • Local experiences: The tour includes local experiences such as visits to the local market, art galleries, and museums, which provide guests with an insight into the local culture and lifestyle.
  • Local experienced guide: The tour includes a tour guide who provides insights into the history and significance of each location visited, making it an instructive and fascinating experience.
  • Transport and Meals: The tour also includes transportation all over the trip from pickup to drop and traditional meals twice a day.

48-hour tours of India’s Greatest Cities: Culture, History, and Food

India is a country rich in various cultures, history, and delectable cuisine. It might be difficult to organise a trip to India with so much to see and do. That’s why we’ve put up a 48-hour tour of some of India’s most important cities. From Delhi to Bangalore, you’ll get a flavour of what makes India special. Here are some of the top cities in India for day visits, along with some information on each.Delhi:

The 48-hour trip to Delhi includes the city’s significant historical and cultural attractions, such as the Red Fort, India Gate, Qutub Minar, and Jama Mosque. The journey also includes visits to Old Delhi’s busy markets, enjoying local street food, and experiencing the city’s dynamic nightlife.Mumbai:

The 48-hour Mumbai tour focuses on the city’s rich history, cultural diversity, and iconic sights including the Gateway of India and the Elephanta Cave. The tour also includes visits to the city’s bustling markets, sampling local street cuisine, and experiencing the vibrant nightlife.Varanasi:

The 48-hour Varanasi tour delivers an intimate experience of India’s spiritual and cultural centre. The tour includes stops at ancient temples and ghats along the Ganges River, as well as participation in the evening aarti ceremony and exploration of the city’s rich history and culture.Jaipur:

The 48-hour Jaipur tour takes you to the city’s spectacular palaces, forts, and temples, including the Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, and City Palace. The journey also includes visits to Jaipur’s bustling bazaars, enjoying local cuisine, and learning about Rajasthani culture.Goa:

The 48-hour tour of Goa provides an opportunity to enjoy the state’s gorgeous beaches, active nightlife, and rich history and culture. The tour includes stops at historic churches and temples, water sports and beach activities, and exploration of the local cuisine and nightlife.Udaipur:

The 48-hour Udaipur tour takes you to the city’s stunning lakes, palaces, and temples, including the City Palace, Lake Pichola, and Jagdish Temple. The journey also involves learning about the vibrant Rajasthani culture, enjoying local cuisine, and touring Udaipur’s bustling markets.Pune:

The 48-hour tour of Pune includes the Aga Khan House, Shaniwar Wada, and Sinhagad Fort, as well as the city’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty. The tour also includes visits to the city’s bustling markets, trying local cuisine, and taking in the city’s exciting nightlife.Chennai:

The 48-hour tour takes you through the city’s rich history and culture, including the Kapaleeswarar Temple, Fort St. George, and the Government Museum. The tour also includes savouring local cuisine, exploring bustling markets, and enjoying the lively nightlife.Bangalore:

The 48-hour tour of Bangalore includes prominent monuments such as the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, and the Bull Temple, as well as the city’s distinctive blend of modernity and tradition. The tour also includes sampling local cuisine and touring the city’s bustling markets, as well as enjoying the city’s dynamic nightlife. 

Varanasi by Sunset: A Boat Tour with Ganga Aarti Experience


A 48-hour tour of an Indian city is worthwhile since it provides a comprehensive understanding of the area’s culture, tradition, cuisine, spirituality, and nightlife. Travellers can make the most of their short visit to India by engaging with an experienced guide and following a well-planned itinerary. 

The 48-hour tours offered by Nine Tours offers are intended to provide travellers with an overview of the city’s history, gastronomy, spirituality, and nightlife. Each tour includes a knowledgeable guide, transportation, meals, drinks, hotel pickup and drop-off, but not a hotel stay or admission tickets. These excursions are ideal for people who only have a short amount of time in a city but still want to take advantage of everything it has to offer. In nine different Indian cities—including Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Jaipur, Goa, Udaipur, Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore—Nine Tours offers 48-hour tours. Each trip is specially chosen to highlight the city’s highlights and provide visitors with an all-encompassing experience.

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